Shannen (ih8cheerleaders) wrote,

its almost 2 am.

im up doing a scrapbook for so glad school is almost over. =)

the SATs were on saturday. i was 15 minutes late AND my cell started rining in the middle. it was okay beause i had Mrs. Kraft and she knows me because she is Nicks guidence teacher and yeah. Lol. quite funny though, -giggles-

Im waiting for my 16 pages to print out. woo hoo. I dont even want to go to school tomorrow. there really is like no point. But i have to turn in a review packet for mcnett, turn in this scrap book and textbook for depace, and my textbook in algebra

Nicks friend billy got pulled over tonight...and he got 4 tickets and his car towed. him and nick were left stranded on 30 near the bowling alley at 1am. I felt bad for billy but all in all.... its a pretty funny situation.

I work allll week. 4-8 till thursday and then 6-10 on friday. i hate working...i love the money.

Nick and I are going to breakfast in the morning on friday to celebrate him graduating. i asked if we could celebrate by sleeping in...ovbiously not. poo poo head. Lol

....aaaand this is like longest entry in like the past 3 months cause i have nothing else to do than sit here and wait for 16 pages to print...actually i could be looking for the glue...Lol

oh, garth texted me todayt and told me that there was a rumor going around that nick and i broke up. well...its deff not true. =D happy as ever.

Okies, im deff done now.


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