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i told nick at work last night that me and kyle had "sparks" between us.

he didnt seem that happy...noit that i epected him to be okay with it. but he PROMISED that today was our day and that he was gonna come over in the morning...and he never did. that really wasnt the best thing. and last night i was like "please call me i wanan talk" and he never called. 

i was on the phone with kyle for 3 1/2 hours...yeah.. as britt would say "...'bout that..." gotta love that girl.

i have 12 people telling me to break up with nick and to go out with kyle, 1 person telling me to follow my heart, and 1 person telling me to stay with him.

im the one telling myself to stay with him and kyle is the one telling me to follow my heart. last night though onthe phon i was like  "kyle..what do YOU want? you keep telling me to follow my heart but which way do you want me to follow it to?" and he responded by saying " what do i want? i want YOU" i was like to myself "ooh boy. i knew if but i didnt know" yanno what i mean?

anyway. its all confusing and i really need to go get in the shower before britt gets here since me and nick arnt spending the day together. =(
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Kyle who?

And you and Nick can't be over until I have my friggin $20. =P can add me to the 'Follow your heart' list. Do what's best for YOU, not what's best for Nick, or Kyle, or anyone else. Do what YOU want and what YOU think is best. I'll back you up with whatever choice you make, you know that.
uhh. you were the one who told me to break up with him.
Yeah. And then I realized that I have no right to sit there and tell you what to do. I can change my mind. And I just did. So ner.
lol okies then. 11 people telling me to break up, 2 telling me to follow my heat and 1 telling me to stay with him.
Kyle who?