Shannen (ih8cheerleaders) wrote,

woo boooy

I think everyone knows and nick are back together. and because it was only a week we wernt together we decided not to count it which means that our 5 month is next thursday. woop.

My 17th birthday is in 5 days. and i have to work. phooy. Only 6-10 but stilll. apparently if its your birthday they sing to you over the intercom thingy. Oh freakin embarssing.

So my birthday is on sunday and then on tuesday me and britt and jello leave for the bahamas for 5 days. Exciting. "What happens in the bahamas stays in the bahamas...." untill we come home and laugh about all the stupid shit we did.

For my birthday i bought myself a $200 necklace from litmans Jewelers. Well actually it was on sale so i only paid 103 for it. haha
<< that is what it looks like. yay!

alrighty. I am currently at the library where i just finshed meeting Nicholas for his break then he gets off at three and is meeting me at my house. How exciting!....yeah... Lol.

Yestersday me and kelly and britt went to blockbuster and got some movie. me and kell watched Hostel. That is one FUCKED up movie. but it is pretty good. Lol. at 2am nick randomly decided to show up at my house. So he spent the night and we thought we were goingto get up early and go to breakfest but we were to tired and since he had to work at night we would have to get up at 6. Lol i was like "ph'that".

myspace is being gay. 

now im done.
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