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it seems i have this crazy thing about getting caught by the cops with guys lately! and i have to play it off like we were having sex.

goodness gracious.

so im double fucking grounded. and my brakes on my car went up so i have put it in the shop and spend about $200.

i have to admit im not that happy right about now. Not only does my mom not trust me anymore but Georges mom hates me and asked him if i was "trash". in return George blew up at her for that.

George was going to take me out for Sushi and then we were going to go see the trans Siberian Orchestra tonight with his family. just perfect. that got screwed over BIG time.

so, even though my mom didnt take my car away i have to put it in the shop so im not going to have a car but besides that im not going to be able to do anything for atleast 2 weeks and then my mom will only let me do small things.

fucking hell. iv got wrestling too and shit. Fuck.

ugh. good ol' senior year of high school. good thing this is my last year....
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I'm so glad I wasn't with you...guess we're never going to "The Gorsuch" again...ew
oh yes. never

or weis. haha
HAHAH yeah. You're bad luck!
yeeeeeeah. it seems that way. Lol
Do I even want to ask?
i suggested we smoke behind wweis and then right aftyer kelly and sami leave it was just me and kyle forbes in my car and a cop shows up. Me and george were smoking up on the gorsuch around 4am and after we got finished we gotr into the backseat and then a cop pulls up and biust us because he thinks that we are having sex. SO it seems like when ever anyone smokes with me the cops are always shoing up. Lol