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Flashback to the past

It is 2:30am and I have just spent the last hour and half reading my old journal entries. WOW. 
First off, holy shit I couldn't write. No grammar, no spelling- NOTHING. Granted, I still cannot spell to this day. 
Second off.....It weird to read back on my life from 2003 and not speak to a single person that I was close to. It's been over 10 years since I first wrote in here. It's weirder to think that the majority of the people who I used to hang out with in high school still hang out together. 

The direction my life has taken had been quite against the normal path, thats for sure. 

Almost 23. STILL in Carroll Community College. In my defense I did take a 4 year break to play around and be a kid....and I high regret that so fucking much. I'm dating a GIRL. That's fucking weird in it's self. It will be 7 months on June 1st. 

I still live with George though..... I don't even want to begin to discuss that situation.

I miss my mom more than anything. I miss Georges mom equally as much. Why the fuck has my life been a big pile of shit since 2009???

Anyways. Perhaps 10 years from now (dear fucking lord I'll be almost 33) I will once again read back on this and head back down memory lane.

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