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(Pixie Dust)

Flashback to the past [30 May 2012|02:37am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

It is 2:30am and I have just spent the last hour and half reading my old journal entries. WOW. 
First off, holy shit I couldn't write. No grammar, no spelling- NOTHING. Granted, I still cannot spell to this day. 
Second off.....It weird to read back on my life from 2003 and not speak to a single person that I was close to. It's been over 10 years since I first wrote in here. It's weirder to think that the majority of the people who I used to hang out with in high school still hang out together. 

The direction my life has taken had been quite against the normal path, thats for sure. 

Almost 23. STILL in Carroll Community College. In my defense I did take a 4 year break to play around and be a kid....and I high regret that so fucking much. I'm dating a GIRL. That's fucking weird in it's self. It will be 7 months on June 1st. 

I still live with George though..... I don't even want to begin to discuss that situation.

I miss my mom more than anything. I miss Georges mom equally as much. Why the fuck has my life been a big pile of shit since 2009???

Anyways. Perhaps 10 years from now (dear fucking lord I'll be almost 33) I will once again read back on this and head back down memory lane.


(8 Believe Pixie Dust)

[22 Jul 2007|09:22pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

you ever think to your self...shit my life really cant get any better. i have the best boyfriend. my boyfriends friends like me and i have 2 best friends ever that i know will stick by me no matter what.

then you wake up one morning and you dont have those best friends anymore.

you have the feeling you have been replaced and you have no idea why.

you dont know what went wrong or when it happened.

you just want it to go back to normal.

But you know that no matter how many talks into the night, how many tears have fallen it will never happen.

you finally realize that you have been replaced. you wont be the one getting the phone call in the middle of the night, there will be someone else to answer the phone. and there will be brand new memories that will be made without you and new inside jokes that you cant laugh about because you wernt there because they forgot to call you and ask you to come along. and when they do call its because everyone else is busy or you feel like a tag along because you feel that they only asked you because you knew about the plans.

It comes a time when you just have to except the changes and know that nothing can ever stay the same. and know when it is time to stop fighting for it to stay the same and to flow with the river along with all the changes that are going on around you and feel as though it is time for you to fade into the background once and for all

(Pixie Dust)

[10 Jun 2007|02:18am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

well SHIT.

We have graduated high school.

So. All in all my life is pretty amazing right now.

1) Iv graduated

2) I have an amazing boyfriend who loves me and vise versa

3) Im going to Senior Week and going to Party

4) I have Best Friends who i know i can count on for anything day or night

5) did i mention in outta high school?

Seriously i have absolutly nothing to even remotely TRY and complain about.

As of this moment i fucking love life more than anything in the world.

I guess i should go join my boyfriend upstairs in bed since i wont see him for another week. =D

Im all done packing and now just need to get checks cashed and junk like that taken care for.

AHHHHHHHHH. Onto College. Oh... Fuck. =D

<3333 i love everyone and good god i saw Mr. P and it was amazing and ahhh. anyone else cry? i did.

-sigh- No more "high school" drama. there will always be drama. but atleast we cant say "oh high school drama" ever again.

JESUS. im to excited to sleep.


(Pixie Dust)

[04 Jun 2007|03:38pm]
[ mood | blank ]


Hanging out with 9 guys and being the only girl is just amazing. especially when the guys treat you like one of them and everyone is completly chill with one another.

SO MUCH ALCOHOL. 900 beers. and so much hard ass liquor. If you wanted it, they fucking had it. We were making fucking drinks up. Anyone ever tried lemonde and 151? Nice. Very Nice.

The only BAD this is that now i wont see george till saturday for graduation and then i leave on sunday and dont get back till...next sunday. This is going to be intersting.

Boy drama is so fucking funny. Hubble and Kevin got into like a physical fight outside of the house and they were really going at it too. Then hubble pushes kevin down and was like "yeah" then they do that guy hug thing and its all good. They are so funny.

Last night when the boardwalk was wet as anything i slipped and landed straight on my ass. It hurt so much  i got the wind knocked out of me for a good 10 seconds. and it hurts so much to sit on. Driving on it for 3 hours straight did not help it either.

speaking of which. i woke up at fucking 5am this morning and drove to school in order to get to my 2nd mod final. Lol. i was so tired and in so much pain. Lol. when i got home i took a 10 min nap, which was such a bad idea because it made me even more tired. :(

-sighs- i seriously cannot wait for next week. I forgot how amazing it is to be down there, just everyone chilling not having a care in the world. :)

well, i think that is all for me.im going to stop looking at my phone every 15 minutes seeing if George has called. >_< i know this sounds stupid but we have never been away from each other this long. 6 months. i think the most has been like 3 days when i didnt have a car and neither did he. Lol.

Atleast i dont have to worry about him cheating on me. i trust him 100%. All the guys are going to make him the wingman of the group when they go out.  =D


(Pixie Dust)

Shannon = not a good mood [30 May 2007|09:18pm]
Shannon neeeds to vent. Her venting partner is NOT online and supposes this will have to do.


Im burnt. really burnt. like im in so much pain that even when i lie completly still it feels as though somebody is sticking pins all through out my body. OMFG IT FUCKING HURTS SO FUCKING MUCH.


shannon is 2% away from NOT GRADUATING. how exciting. i have a 70% in my ENGLISH class for god sakes and i need a 68% in order to graduate. This week we have a 100 point project, 100 point test, 100 point essay. do you realize that "this week" means 2 fucking days. Oh and....the final.

Im going to google how to treat really bad sunburn. yeah im not stupid iv already used like a half a bottel of aloe. It itches and it burns and it feels as though somebody is seriously sticking me with pins.

Ocean this weekend. Almost excited....

Jello dear as soon as i cash that check...like tomorrow i will give you the 50 bucks for the...water bottels. Lol

-makes a really lound whiney sound-


on a slighlty quick happy note. George came to school today for the service breakfast and i made him walk me to advisory. This was the senerio...

Bixby: Shannon Take a seat. (Looks a george) Young man you need to get to your own advisory.
Me: Boxby, you know george. he graduated last friday.
Bixby: Well in that case (points to geroge) Take a seat.

and then he sat though the senior assembly. Then went home to sleep. Lazy bum. <3

ugh im so itchy!!


(2 Believe Pixie Dust)

[04 May 2007|04:19pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

oh dear the drama of senior year.

about my last post. i think that i should explain. this person that i was referring to has been making more more angry each time im around them. and its not as if i CANT be around them, its just that i can only tolerate them in little bouts. Whats going on between me and this person has absolutely nothing at all to do with anymore else and shouldnt think that this is about another issue that is going on with them with another person.

perhaps i went totally about this wrong. Infact i think that i did. and i do believe that i now owe that person a "sorry" because instead of promoting the fact that i was upset at the fact that they kept insulting me personally and others via LJ i should have just went up to them and talked to this certin person. Perhaps they didnt realize that they were being as rude as i was taking them.

But you see, this person is very arrogant and i was to afraid that they would have scoffed or have made the statement "oh well thats me anyone who doesnt like it can get over it" in which i didnt want to hear because it would have made me say something that prolly would have been more mean then i would have ment.

So the point of this? i guess it is to explain myself and stuff. I guess ill talk to that person via AIM the next time im online with them.

(5 Believe Pixie Dust)

[01 May 2007|09:59pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So i have this friend...

and iv been friends with her for like forever but recently she has been pissing me the FUCK off. she is so insulting to everyone and to everything. Nothing that comes outta her month is nice anymore and personally? i really just DONT want to be around her. i can only handle small doses of her and recently i have been biting my tounge to keep my mouth shut. i dont want to mention any names because i dont want to start anymore real drama but i really just needed to vent. Ill keep hanging out with Kelly and Sami because atleast they make me and others feel like utter shit.

Have a nice day =D

(3 Believe Pixie Dust)

[11 Mar 2007|09:51pm]
i feel horrible.

i have not been home since friday morning.

i have not talked to my mom since friday morning.


(6 Believe Pixie Dust)

Grounded... [29 Dec 2006|02:47pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]


it seems i have this crazy thing about getting caught by the cops with guys lately! and i have to play it off like we were having sex.

goodness gracious.

so im double fucking grounded. and my brakes on my car went up so i have put it in the shop and spend about $200.

i have to admit im not that happy right about now. Not only does my mom not trust me anymore but Georges mom hates me and asked him if i was "trash". in return George blew up at her for that.

George was going to take me out for Sushi and then we were going to go see the trans Siberian Orchestra tonight with his family. just perfect. that got screwed over BIG time.

so, even though my mom didnt take my car away i have to put it in the shop so im not going to have a car but besides that im not going to be able to do anything for atleast 2 weeks and then my mom will only let me do small things.

fucking hell. iv got wrestling too and shit. Fuck.

ugh. good ol' senior year of high school. good thing this is my last year....

(1 Believe Pixie Dust)

[24 Dec 2006|06:30pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Christmas eve

iv spent over $200 on my mom.

she better like it.

So, im a shit load of trouble at school. but ill wiggle my way out of it, i always do...some how. lol

and, i really need to vacuum my car....febreeze doesnt do the trick all the time. Lol

tomorrow morning is going to be amazing. actually...tonight it also. me and George are prolly meeting up tonight like normal. haha. we arnt doing anything illegal though..excpet driving past 12. haha

Merry Christmas everyone!


In the meadow we can build a snowman
and pretend that he's a circus clown
We'll have lots of fun with mister snowman
until the alligators knock him down

arnt the other other lyrics to "winter wonderland" amazing? i thought so!

(Pixie Dust)

waiting for the clock to turn "7:23" [05 Dec 2006|07:20am]
[ mood | calm ]

SO. intersting day yesterday i must say. Started with

First Mod i realized i forgot to take my ADD meds.

lunch/3rd mod i go home during lunch and get my meds and make myself a ham and cheese sandwhich and eat string cheese. I start watching spongebob still i realized the clock said "11:23" and i was like "SHIT!" since that is when lunch ends. Then i get held up because they had part of the road blocked because of the bypass >_<. So i finally get to so, park, and have to run inside.  I get to class around 5 seconds late and i realize that my phone is vibing. So i ask mrs. bixby if i could go to the bathroom and she gives me this look like "you were late now you want to go to the bathroom" but she lets me go. I didnt know the number on my phone but i called it back anyway and go the voicemail. So i go back to class and i start typing (because im in keyboarding) and it starts vibing again. so instead of just letting it go i just walk outta the room and go into the bathroom and answer it. It was my dear friend George telling me that this was his last time smoking up untill his drug test, so i had to get my ass over to dylans by 3. i tell him okay.

After School i call work and tell them that im going to be late because im working on my french project that i really need to get done. I start to go over to dylans and even though iv been there twice before i get myself so fucking lost. Kevin had to come and pick me up and i had to follow him to dylans house. i was seriously nowwhere near where i was suppose to be. Then we get to Dylans and george is like "Shannen gets first dibs!!" So i proceed to get to freaking high, it was crazy. but then we all had to leave at 5:30. Nick Hubble road with me since it was my first time driving stoned. we get about....3 miles away from dylans house when my car breaks down on the side of the road because i was out of gas.  Me and Hubble look at each other like "shit". We couldnt call the police since we were so fucking high so we started calling around. So guy stopped and told us that he had a 1/2 gallon at his house and he went to get it. Hubble gets in touch with Desi and he comes and brings me2 gallons because Desi is amazing. then i follow him to the nerest gas station.

After the gas station i proceed to take Hubble home and then i of course have to make my way from Harford to Westminster because i have to work. i finally get to work at 7:00. I almost forgot where  i was going at one point, i was THAT high. it was crazy.

Work so i now have to work, high. it was crazy.

that was my day yesterday. i swear to goodness. >_< next time i get high im just calling out of work all together. Lol

well, off to school. its now quite 7:23 but once i get downstairs it should be!


(2 Believe Pixie Dust)

[27 Nov 2006|03:14pm]
soo, im driving to Columbia tonight to see Dane Cooks movie. ...im DRIVING. good god what have i gotten myself into? i swear. i get lost going to towson...how am i ever going to make it to Columbia.

this outta be very intersting... Lol i cant wait.

senior year= lazyness like no freakin other.

i get up at like 7 o'clock everyday...actually no thats a lie. sometimes i get up at 7:15. i make it to school like right as the 5 minute bell rings. homework? pshhh classwork? only if i can get the answers. notes? what are those.

to be honest. i love being a senior.

now if only college wasnt so hard.

(Pixie Dust)

[06 Sep 2006|04:00pm]
oh i better make this quick i have to get to my kyropratic thingy appt.

Senior is is going amazingly well i think. maybe its just me. 2nd semester is going to kick even more ass cause the only class i will have is honors brit lit. Lol.

Me and nick are amazing. just had our 6 month. i know that it might not sound like alot to those of u who have been in relaslationships fior like a year or anything lol. 

my car smells good.

okies, im gone

(1 Believe Pixie Dust)

The happiest day of my life.... [18 Aug 2006|12:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Nick might be quitting WoW. 

oh my god.

what in the world......

(1 Believe Pixie Dust)

[10 Aug 2006|03:29pm]
Its our senior year. does that mean anything to anyone else?

fuck 'normal' shit.

This year is going to be exciting. im excited about it.

really excited.

insert evil laugh here?

fuck ordinary, fuck the normal.

(Pixie Dust)

[10 Aug 2006|03:17pm]
i decided to go with the color red. i like this color.

There isnt really much to update on. It was rainy today. and i got paid.

I didnt get to see nick because he likes to sleep. that poo head.

oh i broke my car handel thingy. yeah. it was funny.

and i got gas in the rain.

and that was my day.

(2 Believe Pixie Dust)

woo boooy [25 Jul 2006|12:21pm]
I think everyone knows but..me and nick are back together. and because it was only a week we wernt together we decided not to count it which means that our 5 month is next thursday. woop.

My 17th birthday is in 5 days. and i have to work. phooy. Only 6-10 but stilll. apparently if its your birthday they sing to you over the intercom thingy. Oh freakin embarssing.

So my birthday is on sunday and then on tuesday me and britt and jello leave for the bahamas for 5 days. Exciting. "What happens in the bahamas stays in the bahamas...." untill we come home and laugh about all the stupid shit we did.

For my birthday i bought myself a $200 necklace from litmans Jewelers. Well actually it was on sale so i only paid 103 for it. haha
<< that is what it looks like. yay!

alrighty. I am currently at the library where i just finshed meeting Nicholas for his break then he gets off at three and is meeting me at my house. How exciting!....yeah... Lol.

Yestersday me and kelly and britt went to blockbuster and got some movie. me and kell watched Hostel. That is one FUCKED up movie. but it is pretty good. Lol. at 2am nick randomly decided to show up at my house. So he spent the night and we thought we were goingto get up early and go to breakfest but we were to tired and since he had to work at night we would have to get up at 6. Lol i was like "ph'that".

myspace is being gay. 

now im done.

(3 Believe Pixie Dust)

[23 Jun 2006|06:08pm]

my 96 oldsmobile cutless supreme. This is what my car looks like. only mine is forest green.

im going to go and have a nice cry.

...my old car. =( to that peice of crap. WAHHHHHHHHHHH.

(5 Believe Pixie Dust)

[23 Jun 2006|10:36am]
[ mood | anxious ]

i told nick at work last night that me and kyle had "sparks" between us.

he didnt seem that happy...noit that i epected him to be okay with it. but he PROMISED that today was our day and that he was gonna come over in the morning...and he never did. that really wasnt the best thing. and last night i was like "please call me i wanan talk" and he never called. 

i was on the phone with kyle for 3 1/2 hours...yeah.. as britt would say "...'bout that..." gotta love that girl.

i have 12 people telling me to break up with nick and to go out with kyle, 1 person telling me to follow my heart, and 1 person telling me to stay with him.

im the one telling myself to stay with him and kyle is the one telling me to follow my heart. last night though onthe phon i was like  "kyle..what do YOU want? you keep telling me to follow my heart but which way do you want me to follow it to?" and he responded by saying " what do i want? i want YOU" i was like to myself "ooh boy. i knew if but i didnt know" yanno what i mean?

anyway. its all confusing and i really need to go get in the shower before britt gets here since me and nick arnt spending the day together. =(

(3 Believe Pixie Dust)

[07 Jun 2006|02:22am]
[ mood | cynical ]

its almost 2 am.

im up doing a scrapbook for english....im so glad school is almost over. =)

the SATs were on saturday. i was 15 minutes late AND my cell started rining in the middle. it was okay beause i had Mrs. Kraft and she knows me because she is Nicks guidence teacher and yeah. Lol. quite funny though, -giggles-

Im waiting for my 16 pages to print out. woo hoo. I dont even want to go to school tomorrow. there really is like no point. But i have to turn in a review packet for mcnett, turn in this scrap book and textbook for depace, and my textbook in algebra 2.so...yeah.

Nicks friend billy got pulled over tonight...and he got 4 tickets and his car towed. him and nick were left stranded on 30 near the bowling alley at 1am. I felt bad for billy but all in all.... its a pretty funny situation.

I work allll week. 4-8 till thursday and then 6-10 on friday. i hate working...i love the money.

Nick and I are going to breakfast in the morning on friday to celebrate him graduating. i asked if we could celebrate by sleeping in...ovbiously not. poo poo head. Lol

....aaaand this is like longest entry in like the past 3 months cause i have nothing else to do than sit here and wait for 16 pages to print...actually i could be looking for the glue...Lol

oh, garth texted me todayt and told me that there was a rumor going around that nick and i broke up. well...its deff not true. =D happy as ever.

Okies, im deff done now.


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