Shannen (ih8cheerleaders) wrote,

Shannon = not a good mood

Shannon neeeds to vent. Her venting partner is NOT online and supposes this will have to do.


Im burnt. really burnt. like im in so much pain that even when i lie completly still it feels as though somebody is sticking pins all through out my body. OMFG IT FUCKING HURTS SO FUCKING MUCH.


shannon is 2% away from NOT GRADUATING. how exciting. i have a 70% in my ENGLISH class for god sakes and i need a 68% in order to graduate. This week we have a 100 point project, 100 point test, 100 point essay. do you realize that "this week" means 2 fucking days. Oh and....the final.

Im going to google how to treat really bad sunburn. yeah im not stupid iv already used like a half a bottel of aloe. It itches and it burns and it feels as though somebody is seriously sticking me with pins.

Ocean this weekend. Almost excited....

Jello dear as soon as i cash that tomorrow i will give you the 50 bucks for the...water bottels. Lol

-makes a really lound whiney sound-


on a slighlty quick happy note. George came to school today for the service breakfast and i made him walk me to advisory. This was the senerio...

Bixby: Shannon Take a seat. (Looks a george) Young man you need to get to your own advisory.
Me: Boxby, you know george. he graduated last friday.
Bixby: Well in that case (points to geroge) Take a seat.

and then he sat though the senior assembly. Then went home to sleep. Lazy bum. <3

ugh im so itchy!!

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