Shannen (ih8cheerleaders) wrote,

you ever think to your self...shit my life really cant get any better. i have the best boyfriend. my boyfriends friends like me and i have 2 best friends ever that i know will stick by me no matter what.

then you wake up one morning and you dont have those best friends anymore.

you have the feeling you have been replaced and you have no idea why.

you dont know what went wrong or when it happened.

you just want it to go back to normal.

But you know that no matter how many talks into the night, how many tears have fallen it will never happen.

you finally realize that you have been replaced. you wont be the one getting the phone call in the middle of the night, there will be someone else to answer the phone. and there will be brand new memories that will be made without you and new inside jokes that you cant laugh about because you wernt there because they forgot to call you and ask you to come along. and when they do call its because everyone else is busy or you feel like a tag along because you feel that they only asked you because you knew about the plans.

It comes a time when you just have to except the changes and know that nothing can ever stay the same. and know when it is time to stop fighting for it to stay the same and to flow with the river along with all the changes that are going on around you and feel as though it is time for you to fade into the background once and for all
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